Sunday, June 2, 2013


Age is Just a Number.

There are probably 50 of these one-liners that tell us not to pay heed to the numbers. Yet, they're the basis of practically everything we do.

Salary. Numbers.
Age. Numbers.
Communication. Numbers.
Intelligence. Numbers.
Weight. Numbers.
Status in Society. Numbers.
(In my case, Priority Air Flier Miles. Numbers)

Our Life is just one big set of numbers. They say that the numbers don't matter. That its just a number. But that number, is the reason you're - Living in a 4 bedroom house. Or driving a luxury car. Or getting free tickets to a concert.

Its the influencing factor in everything we do, or think about doing. Its practically what people see when they look at each other. A set of numbers. Different people see different number categories. But its all essentially numbers.

One number I'm particularly looking towards right now, is the number 10,000. Ten Thousand. Pertaining to what? This blog. Its at approximately 8-and-a-half-thousand hits right now. And before I leave to college and reset that number, I want it to reach 10,000.

It's just a random little thing I'd like to think about as an achievement. So yes, 10,000's the number in my mind right now.
Think about all the numbers in your life. The list is practically never ending.

Until Next Post,