Monday, December 17, 2012

The Indian Passport

Recently, A friend and I were talking about the future. Our plans for college and what we plan to do once we go wherever it is that we're going. I intend on doing my undergraduate studies from US, while he plans on completing his undergraduate studies from Canada. And while we were talking about the future, we somehow reached a point in our conversation where he mentioned that he'll take up the Canadian Passport for its various benefits. And that set of a thought reaction in my mind...

I'd never give up my Indian Passport for a passport of any country, anywhere in the world. No matter what. I know that you don't need the passport to prove that you're a true indian, and make no mistake. He's a complete and hardcore indian, in every aspect of the word. But nonetheless, it is the only tangible and physical proof that we are indian. And with the economy that we have, I don't see any reason to give it up. Benefits or no benefits. 

The logic behind my opinion is not something I imagine everyone will understand. Its a highly subjective matter. People may refute that sometimes those who don't hold an Indian passport and more indian at heart than those who do. And I agree with that statement, but personally - if you're an indian, you shouldn't be tempted by the benefits of another country's passport. You should be proud of the country who's passport you hold. No matter what. 
I feel that its nothing special, especially living in dubai. Our parents have done it, lived an entire life in dubai with the Indian Passport, and they're all so successful in life. 

So I end this post, concluding my opinion on the indian passport and the trend of taking up citizenship of another country for its several benefits. 

Until next post,
Parichay (:

Here's to - Yo Yo Honey Singh

The Class he Has. Mashallah.

So, this man is the highest paid indian artist. Most people listen to his songs are their first impression is, "What the hell is he mumbling?". But I for one am in love with his songs. For more than one reason.

Firstly, he's doing something that you don't see everyday amongst indian artists. Most indian artists follow the fail-proof method of singing melodious songs as background singers in movies and that gives them their ticket to popularity and freedom. This guy did something different. He raps. And not in a "wannabe english rapper" method, but in a traditional Punjabi and Hindi way. And that's something different. That's why I feel he's so much in demand. 

Second, he's not the most good looking artist we've seen. Even amongst the Indian artists. Still he's as popular as he is. Its because of the confidence, style and attitude he has. When one looks at him, its the first impression that one gets. That he's that carefree to-hell-with-what-the-world-things, kind of person. And I admire that about him.

So here's to Yo Yo Honey Singh. I hope you have an even more successful career ahead of you. Don't stop doing what you do!