Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wishful Thinking

Have You Ever Wanted Something So Badly But Haven't Really Had The Means To Get It? I'm Sure Everyone Would Have Had One Such Situation Or Will Have A Similar Situation Sometime In Their Lives. I Believe That For Me, That Time Is Now.
We All Know How Apple's Products Have Changed The World And The Way The Society Functions. From Its iPod to its iPhone to its iPad. to its Macbook, It Has Revolutionized The Field Of Technology. I Like The Countless Millions And Perhaps Billions Across The Globe Am An Apple Fan. To Me Their Products Come At The Top, No Matter What The Reviews Or The Glitches.

You Must Be Thinking, How Is Any Of This Related To His Topic On Wanting Something So Badly And Not Having A Means To Obtain It? It Is Related.
For Years Now, I've Always Loved Apple Products But There's That One Product Which I Set Eyes On And Then Just Wanted It. The Apple Macbook Pro. The New 13 Inch Macbook Pro I5 Core Processor Seems To Be The Perfect Piece Of Tech. But Sadly, And No Matter How Much I Try To Persuade Myself, I Know That When It Comes To The Ultimate Question, "Do I Really Need It?" The Answer Is A No. But That Doesn't Seem To Stop Me From Wanting It.

I Know, That If I Genuinely Ask My Parents, With All My Heart And Push For It, They Might Buy Me The Macbook Pro. But For Some Godknowswhat Reason, I Don't Think It's Right To Ask My Parents To Buy Me Such An Expensive Laptop. They've Just Recently Spent A Lot On Me. I've Bought A Nikon DSLR, a new Blackberry And Also They Paid A Hefty Amount For Sending Me To Boston To Take Part In The Harvard Model United Nations Conference. After All This, Spending Another 5000/- On A Laptop Doesn't Seem Right. So I've Come To Conclusion That:
No, I Will Not Allow Or Even Ask My Parents To Buy Me A Macbook Pro "13 But That Does Not Mean I Will Give Up On My Wish. I Will Spend The Next Year, Before I Go To College Collecting And Saving Up Money Through The Young Entrepreneurs Competition, An Internship And In Any Other Way Possible And Buy The Macbook Pro.

Do Check Out The Apple Site And The Macbook Page In Particular: Http://Www.Apple.Com/Mac/

Until Next Time,

Friday, January 13, 2012


Photography is such a vast interest. To some it means taking pictures of their children or family from time to time and putting it together in terms of a scrapbook and to some its a form of retaining memories for a long time. 
People often ask me, what is photography to you? And well, I've never had a complete answer, until now. I feel that photography is more than just a simple 'hobby' or 'passion'. Its a drive. When I look at the world, I look at it from the lens of a camera. Photography helps me show the world what I see, be it in a landscape shot, or in a shot of the sun. It gives me a medium to express myself to anyone and everyone who sees my pictures, quite like this blog. But it gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, "A Picture is worth a thousand words"
I'm not saying I'm some professional photographer who's going for photo shoots, but I feel that i'm more than a teenager with a DSLR camera. 

My Camera: Nikon D5100
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Parichay Swarup.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Random Photographs.



Candles In The Dark.

Sun In My           Drawer.

Avisha Goel.  


The Bond Between Father and Daughter.