Saturday, November 6, 2010


It's been a short while since the Haiti earthquakes which has left almost the entire world devastated and astounded.  This act, along with some thinking on my part, has made me wonder whether in this fast paced life that each one of us lives, is there a God or even the requirement of God.
I won't go into the problems with every country, I'll just talk about my homeland. India. The poverty rate is soaring High, The illiteracy rate is just insane, the corruption, the sadness, the despair, it's all unbearable in India. And after looking at all this, I begin to wonder whether or not god really does exist or not. If he does, for some unknown reason, he refuses to show it. We pray to him everyday, sincerely and in return we ask for happiness and safety, but it seems like those are and will always remain to be expectations and nothing more.
In today's highly commercialized society, we see the top notch businessmen trying to help society and give them a better standard of living. I admit that most of them aren't even doing it for the right reason and are just doing it for the publicity, but it's still want we expect from The Lord. So does that make them almighty? What does that say about our beliefs. Do we believe in god just because it's tradition and so that we may blame the unforeseen on some higher supernatural being? Or is it just human nature? 
I believe it's human nature. I believe belief and hope are what sustains the human civilization, and gives us the drive and determination that we have. Its not that I don't believe in God, I just feel that his role in our lives is different from what we hope or believe it to be.