Monday, July 16, 2012


Prefect. Wow.
Honestly, even though I didn't really try too hard to attain that position, I'm still happy that I did get it. I'm not boasting, but I really feel that I deserved it and I can really bring about changes within the school. 

I remember throughout the 11th Grade, folks from my class and from the next class persevered to attain that badge. Initiating project after project and doing work after work, they tried extremely hard to get the rank of 'Prefect' or 'House Captain' and that's where I feel that all the difference was made. Being prefect isn't all about what you do within the 11th Grade, it's what you show the school that you're capable of doing. Its more than just taking part in every project that you lay eyes on, its about your overall personality as a student. Its about the way you behave in the classroom, the way you behave with the teachers, the respect you show to the teaching faculty. Its encompasses all the aspects of a students life and the students with the top overall rank in these fields earn the post. 

But that's not where it stops. It goes beyond just getting the badge. And we realized this a little late for the Prefectorial Body. Even though most of our task involves ensuring the smooth running of the school on the part of the student community, it goes beyond that. We need to leave behind something to be remembered. A Legacy of Sorts. And now that as a body we've realized that, we're going to make sure come September, that the Prefectorial Body 2012-2013 has left behind something which people will think about and remember us.