Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Sky. Its like the Birthplace of Thoughts.

Do you ever have those days? Those days where you just look out your window. Just watch the sky. The clouds passing by. Occasionaly seeing a mother taking her child out for a walk or a kid taking his dog for a walk?

The day you just let your mind wander. Without thinking of the time that you're spending, or of anything or anyone else.

I do. Quite a lot :) just leave the window open and just watch. Thinking of everything and nothing at the same time :)

It feels nice. Leaving your worries aside for a brief
period of time :) just wandering in thought. Watching the cars move by. Just watching Life move by.
It feels great :) try it out sometime :)

Until Next Time,
~ Parichay :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Chuddi Buddies xD

Mayank Mathur.
Aka Ponchoo, Monkey, Maaaayyyyaaaaank :D :D

We're So Retarded I Tell You :P

Bloody hell man, I’ve know you like for 15 years now. More than that. 15 and a half! Almost your whole life!
We’ve head god knows how many sleepovers, camps, dinners. Its been awesome \m/
The Australia Trip! How can I ever forget that? Ripley’s Believe it or not?! “Inda Purdle” remember? :P
Your room in Cairns, :P HAAHAHAH xD
The Hot Air balloon ride, The Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Opera House. What memories. <3
Then there’s Cove Rotana. The volleyball, the roaming around and getting a lift from that golf cart guy xD
Atlantis :D The "ClubRush" guy :P Aquaventure's torrents :P How much we did xD Criminal :P Pura Paisa vasool :P

The Birthday parties :P Al Maskan’s playground :P
How could I forget, PS2?! Singstar! One Love ~ Blue :P How I owned your ass every time xD :P
The SO MANY GAMES ON MONOPOLY IN THE NIGHT! Where you’d give the famous “now I’m going to get all rough and tough” speech :P
Your portable monopoly was too good boss (Y)

Now to the main point of this post :P

Hope you have a great one filled with all the joy and happiness of the world :)
Though Its exam time right now, don’t forget to have a blast on the weekend :)

Take care (:
All the Best for the remainder of your exams :D especially physics :P

~ Your Chuddi buddy :P