Friday, November 2, 2012

Something About Me - 1

Damn, it's been a while since I last blogged. But there's really been no time. School's been on, along with SAT which ended in October, and then college applications came into the picture. And now examinations once again. School life is such a routine. 

Today's post is on me. An aspect of me and my life which not many people know/understand. For a very long time, I've found it much easier to express my opinions, thoughts, ideas through writing rather than through verbal communication. And no, that does not mean the use of high-fly words and phrases in Every sentence that wrote.
Recently my teacher asked me why I don't share my opinion in class too much, and I told him/her (for the sake of ambiguity) that I might not share my opinion or answer in class but I will have my point of view set out in the examination. And that's something which he/she did not understand. I don't blame the teacher, but its a fact. I'm not too outspoken. If I want to make you believe something or persuade you, I believe that I would do a much better job if I was allowed to communicate via my writing. 
For instance, look at this blog, it serves as the perfect example of my statement. The way I convey my views and opinions here, I don't think I could covet them as effectively verbally. 

So today you know a little more about me and every now and then i'll post another one about me,
Hope you liked the post. 
Until next post [Which shall be soon, hopefully],