Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Smile. If not for yourself do it for others? :)

Have you ever wondered? how some people can be so happy all the time and keep smiling whenever and wherever?

well 80% of the times, its these happy people that are the saddest on the inside. coz they know that frowning and making a sad face wont do anything. it might just spoil someone else's day.

once in a while, it wouldn't exactly kill you to go up to your friend and ask him how he/she? how's her life etc etc. give him/her a chance to talk. to let out all those emotions bottled up inside. thats something i've learnt. never bottle up feelings. they don't do shit (pardon the language). it just makes you feel worse. let it out. honestly you'll feel much better.

and never ever forget to smile. even though you're in the worst situation possible. just smile atleast around others. coz you never know, who's day you might make with that smile. :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Be Stupid. Be Mad :D

A general everyday question asked is, “Who are you?” It has a very general and straightforward answer. “My name is Parichay” that’s it? 
Have you ever tried asking yourself this question? Who are you? What defines you? Are you happy with the life you’re living? If you were to die today (GOD forbid), will you go with satisfaction that you’ve lived whatever years you had to the fullest?
They say your actions and thoughts describe you. Here’s what I think of life. It’s my way of life.

Human beings live for an average of 80 years. In the span of those 80 years, the first 20 go in studying hard, to build a sustainable future, the next 30-40 go in work, earning for your family, and carrying out the various responsibilities of yours, and the last 20 – 30 years, you’re too old to do anything. What a life right? -_-

Find time. Get out there and do all the crazy things you’ve seen on TV. Or you’ve read about.
Things like parasailing, skydiving, bungee jumping from a great height, going on a rollercoaster which has a near 90 degrees vertical drop, scuba diving etc etc. Go for it! We have only one life to live, why live a useless one? It’s your life, make it large: D

“The smart may have the brains, but the stupid have the balls”
“If you’ve never done anything stupid, you’ve never done anything at all” ~~ diesel 

No-ones asking you to get out there and make history. That’s just plain stupidity. But at least get out there and make your live a life well lived!
Not a life where your daily routine is this – 
Get up. Brush your teeth blah blah. Eat. Go to work. Come back. Watch a little TV. Eat. And go to sleep. Once in a blue moon go out.
What utter crap.
Don’t compromise on your work hours but at least find time to do the things you’ve always wanted to do?! Live to all those dreams you’ve had.

Think about what I’ve said? It’s my policy. Might not necessarily be yours. 
I’m keeping this one relatively shorter. 

So until next time.
Adios. And goodbye :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Heroes :)

Have you ever wished that you were 18? Just to be the master of yourself. NO ONE to tell you what to do, when to sleep, blah blah……
NO ONE to stop you from going to parties, from having late night conversations etc. It all sounds really neat doesn’t it?
Tempting but no thanks. I feel like that sometimes. I’m sure everyone does once in  a while. But I feel otherwise too.

I don’t wish to be 18, but I can’t wait to be. Not making sense right?
These years, while we’re still….. kids(yes, we are. No matter how much you decline that, we are kids. 15/16/17 is not grown up :P), will be the best times of our lives. The fun, the Hakunamatata no care in the world feeling will go. We’ll be in college studying, then we’ll have a family and jobs and responsibilities. This time will never ever repeat itself.

Our parents, at times they’re the reason we wish to be 18. to get out of the house. But remember, WHATEVER they say, is for our benefits. They say it keeping our interests in mind.
“GO STUDY” a typical dialogue heard by most of the kids. A statement that can get your blood to boil. Can get you really angry and should I say, ‘pissed off’
but have you ever wondered the number of sleepless nights our parents have had? Thinking about our marks, our future, about us. Honestly, they’re more worried about our future than we are ourselves. That I know for sure.

Another common dialogue heard by most of us is, “We know what you’re going through because we’ve gone through the same”..
In most of the cases, the first thing that comes to mind is, “ oh man -_-, not again”  or “oh sure you have(sarcastically)”.
Well maybe they have? They were teenagers too once. They’ve done their boards too. They HAVE been through the same pressure we’ve been through.

My Parents. They’re like my friends. I’ve made them mine. Its what every parents wants, to be closer to their child, the know him/her better.
A piece of advice? Everyday, no matter how tight your schedule, just spend a short 15 mins with your parents. Talk to them about absolutely anything. Your school. Friends. Teachers. Any random topic. But communicate with them. They’ll feel really great, and trust me. So will you :)

My parents are my heroes, my role models. I draw inspiration from them. They’re the best :)
i came across this story in hindu mythology which really touched my heart.
Once there was a fight between many celestial beings and gods about who is the greatest. Among the gods was Lord Ganesha. Son of lord shiva and Parvati.
To setter the dispute, lord Vishnu told all the celestial beings and gods, that the first one two take 3 rounds of the world will be the greatest. Everyone set out on their holy animals to circumnavigate the world.
Lord Ganesha, on his mouse, took three rounds of shiva and parvati. When lord Vishnu asked ganesha what he did, lord ganesha replied, “ my parents are my world and since you stated to talk three rounds of the world, I have taken 3 rounds of my world”

Our parents work day and night to ensure that we live a comfortable life. That we never get a chance to complain, that we live a happy life.
In return, the least we can do for them is show them respect, love and gratitude. Show them that you appreciate everything they’ve done for you. It’ll make them feel great.
Show it by making them a card, of a simple drawing. Anything.
Just to make them feel special.

I end this blogpost now. This was a blogpost dedicated to my parents. My mumma and papa.
Mom, dad…. You the shizz :)

Thankyou for everything you’ve done for me. I really appreciate it all :)

Love you, ^^

You're the best :) <3