Monday, October 10, 2011

The Death Penalty, Is It Acceptable?

The Death Penalty.
Is It a justified action?

I’m not stating whether it is or not, I’m just putting forth my opinion on the topic and I ask you to respect it, or argue against it in a respectable manner.

Now everyone will unanimously agree that the life of an individual is the greatest gift/ asset he or she can ever have. It is irreplaceable. So if you look at a life from that perspective, the only thing that can compensate a life is a life. Now we must understand that in most countries, or correct me if I say, all countries, a death penalty is generally given when a person has committed a murder of the highest degree. In most cases even a murderer is not given a death penalty unless there have been multiple murders or the crime is completely unacceptable. So in that case, if a person takes a life, what right does he have to say, my life doesn’t deserve to be taken?

Coming To the point of, how can the court decide whether to take the life or a person? Now the government, which constitutes of the judiciary (Court) is in charge of the law and order of the country. It is their obligation to the residents of the country to ensure peace and the safety of the citizens and the country as a whole. So if one of their citizens is murdered, within their federal boundaries, it is their right and duty to take severe action against the person who has committed the crime. So if a person commits such a crime, he must bear in mind that the government will not just sit back and watch it happen. They will take action.

Also, in my opinion, a death penalty serves as a tool of fear to prevent murders. They think twice before committing a crime. Just like in the olden days, the concept ofblood and iron‘and ‘an eye for an eye & a tooth for a tooththis concept keeps the people in check.

It might seem really heartless, but I’m completely FOR the policy of The Death Penalty because the people who've been sentenced to death have brought to themselves.

So Until Next Time,