Wednesday, June 26, 2013

iOS 7 - Beta 2.

So Apple finally seeded its iOS 7 Beta 2 a couple of days back. This beta included support for the iPad category as well, while Beta 1 was only for the iPhone. I’ve been using it since it was seeded, and I’m loving it but finding some glitches a little irritating. But hey, the glitches are all part of the Beta, aren’t they? If I didn’t want glitches, I should have probably just waited for the Public Release, which should be out soon.

If you use your iPad for important/ day-to-day tasks, I’d strongly advise against updating just yet. I’m not saying the OS is bad, if you’ve got the iPad/iPhone/iPod, you’ll love this brand new Operating System, but its glitches mean some tasks that you perform just might not work the same, and that wouldn’t be a very positive thing.

Here’s a list of glitches that I’ve come across so far on the iPad 2 Wifi+ 3G GSM running iOS 7.0 (11A4400f). I’ll keep editing the post, adding more glitches to the list as I come across them.

  • Several Apps no longer open and crash everytime I try to open them. [Google+, Google Translate, GrandCinemas is a very unpredictable app]
  • More often than not, the notification center/ control center refuse to appear on using the gesture. 
  • Very often the background image just goes from your dedicated picture to a pitch black background, this usually happens when going from the Multitasking window back to the home screen.
  • The slick new translucent keyboard you see on a couple of videos etc, they’ve not been incorporated yet. Only Safari, Spotlight search have it. Even Apple’s apps such as iBooks, Pages etc don’t have it yet.
  • The clock on the homescreen appears dislocated and takes 2 seconds every now and then to readjust.
  • Sometimes notifications don’t show up on the homescreen or on notification center.
  • The camera app has no box to “Go To Photos”, though if you click on the right corner its like you touch an invisible key and it takes you to it.
  • The videos app, upon clicking edit, has no “X” on the video to delete, but by touching the corner of the video, the delete pop up comes.

[More Glitches Coming Soon with Pictures]