Thursday, June 6, 2013

An Experience.

Have you ever met someone you just clicked with instantly? In today’s world, I find that to be one of the most rare experiences one can experience. If experienced in the first 18 years of life, now that’s just something else.

Goa, India’s premier holiday destination – A place where destination weddings are common, and losing track of time while at beaches is even more common. Here such an experience took place, an experience that’ll probably run in your head like a movie, just as it does in mine.

It was a destination wedding, set in Goa. The sea made even a 37-Celsius weather seem pleasant. A wedding so large that no one would know who was from the bride’s side of the guest list and who was from the groom’s side. Here two people met, for the first time. A 3-day meet amidst all of the traditions of a ‘Grand Indian Wedding’. Ceremonies these two had no interest in. Caught in the company of each other for these 3 days, where the time passed by neither of them will ever know. A friendship of sorts was formed. A connection so strong, that it seemed like one of those fairy tale ones. A friendship where introductions held no significance. Where names, and mobile numbers and social networking details were not exchanged. Just random conversations ranging from Life’s problems to school experiences. Conversations that would seem trivial to anyone eavesdropping, but meant so much more to these two individuals.

Since neither one of these individuals were so closely related to the soon-to-be-couple, they decide to spend all their time away from the in-their-eyes monotonous ceremonies of marriage. Instead they choose to spend their time on the beach, in the hotel rooms, just talking. Doing absolutely nothing but talking, because sometimes all one needs is to talk and talk.

The wedding ended, which once again they forget to intend. Stuck in their own world, with no one else but each other – making it seem more like a love story than anything else. Making it sound like something out of a Hindi Movie, yet there they were doing just that.

And then reality kicked back in.

The guests began to leave one by one, and the boy finds that she’s gone. Without any goodbyes or even a minute’s notice, her room is empty and anyone who had any idea of who she was had left with her. Taking every chance of them ever meeting again. All that she left for him was her necklace. A part of her that will remind him for years to come and will keep him wondering and asking himself the very same question – “What If?” What if she stayed a little longer? What if we had exchanged phone numbers? But he had none of that. All he had was a name. Etched on the back of the necklace. A name that would stay in his head for a very very long time.

Sometimes people connect. In ways that no one can ever explain. An experience that no novel, post or article can ever describe. It’s an experience that can only be understood when experienced.

Whether to brand this experience as lucky or unlucky depends on the perspective one takes. And with that, I end another blogpost.

Until Next Post,

P.S. The experience in this post is not mine. It was shared by someone really close, and I just wrote it down in my own words as a blog post.