Friday, August 2, 2013

Officially Leaving.

So today’s my official last day in Dubai. Unofficially it was 2 weeks back, when I left for India but I came in for 2 days of transit. There’s not much one can do in 2 days of Transit in Dubai. Luckily I did all that I had to do before I left then. Visited all the restaurants I had to, met almost everyone I had to and basically did enough to keep Dubai’s memories lasting till December when I’m back.

So I spent these two days doing absolutely nothing. Barely did any packing (despite being asked to do some repeatedly), didn’t really do anything. Just sat at home and chilled. Met a couple of friends yesterday one last time and meeting a couple of friends today. No shopping malls, no tourist destinations and barely any restaurants. And that wasn’t really the plan. My plan at first was visit all those places that I’d miss once I’ve left for university but I realized that I already did that 2 weeks back and have enough of those memories.

Everyone goes on and on asking about “Will you miss Dubai?” , etc etc. And I find that a little irritating. After spending close to 18 years in this city, do you really think I’m going to forget all about it and never come back? This is practically my home.

This is no long post on how I’m going to miss this city and thank it for all that its given me. I’m not leaving forever. I’ll be back in less than 5 months.

See you in December Dubai!

Until Next Post,