Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Little Late - Zomato

Ever had a hobby you started a little too late? I do. Its called Zomato.

To all that don't know what Zomato.com is, Its a platform where you get all the information you'd ever need about restaurants in particular cities or countries. It provides information on the Timings, Cuisines. Pricing, and even Snapshots of the menu for you to glance through before you decide to eat at a particular restaurant or order in from. 

That’s the consumer part of the process. There are also those people who write reviews for restaurants, which one can then read to really get an idea of what an outlet is like.
Writing a review doesn’t require a paid membership or any form of money exchange between you, Zomato or the restaurant. You can create an account [or sign in using other services I believe], and start reviewing and recommending restaurants to others out there.

What I really love about Zomato is its reach. Its one of the few platforms I’ve come across which has built apps for all major operating systems. Not just windows and android, but also the ‘lesser beings’ like Windows 8, Windows Phone and Blackberry & BB10. There’s also a mobile website and a webpage for the traditional users.

So coming back to the hobby, you must’ve guessed that by now my most recent hobby involves Zomato. I’ve been writing reviews for quite a few of the new restaurants I’ve been visiting during this 4-month vacation. Now for the late part; I’m leaving Dubai in another day and in the US Zomato haven’t set up yet. Which means that I’ll only be able to write food reviews on Zomato when I come back for my holidays in December and then in May.

I really hope in the next year or two, it decides to expand to Chicago and make things interesting. But until that happens, I’m stuck on Dubai and India.
For those of you few who actually read this blog, you’d have realized that I’ve the Zomato widget to the right, which if you click on will take you to my reviews where you can see first hand what I just spoke about.

Oh and did I mention that the top reviews get AED 100 or more in food vouchers of the top restaurants in Dubai? Which makes for the incentive to write more reviews!

Here’s the link to the latest review: Zomato Review - Nawab
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